Today Kristin Eldridge is guest posting with an easy way to update your decor!

I love those shows on TV that are easy make-overs.  Those transformations that happen in a day.  Remember Extreme Home Makeover?  MOVE THAT BUS!

I’m all about quick and easy.  Maybe that explains why I’ve never been one for long projects.  Glue guns and spray paint are my best friends!

Anyone can operate bottle of spray paint.  You might want a pair of plastic gloves and a drop cloth.  But, it’s so easy anyone can create a total transformation!  In 5 minutes, no less!  I wanted to share with you a few things that I’ve sprayed this holiday season.  All projects involve silver and gold spray.  Design Master brand is the best.  It sticks to just about anything under the sun.  So, it’s worth those few extra dollars!

I had a little glass vase that housed a terrarium.  It needed to fancied up a bit for the shelf, so I gave it a quick gradient treatment with gold spray.  Sometimes spraying the whole item can make it look cheap, so in this instance, I held the glass by the top and sprayed heavy on the bottom, then got lighter as I went up.

spray paint projects 1

Another case of gradient are these wood candlesticks.  I’ve had them for forever and felt like they were starting to look a little ‘grandma.’  With the gold gradient, it’s a subtle way to make them look a little more modern.

spray paint projects candlesticks diy

I also like to fancy up simple things, like wood sticks for caramel apples.  I used a simple dowel, cut into pieces.  I held the bottom as I sprayed, so the part that goes into the apple doesn’t have any paint on it.  Add a velvet bow and you’ve got a great teacher/neighbor gift!

spray paint diy projects 2

We made a string of popcorn the other day and I thought it might benefit from a little silver.  I sprayed here and there, so parts of the popcorn would so through.  Simple and elegant!

Spray Paint Projects popcorn