Easy is good right!?  I have a super easy DIY for you that looks expensive.  Win-win.  It’s a leather key chain that you can have the kids ma...

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Father’s Day DIY


My daughter’s birthday is coming up, so we decided to make some cupcakes with a unique twist.  Instead of using cupcake liners, we used ice cre...

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Party Cones


One of my big pet peeves about my daughter’s room is how messy her jewelry is.  As she’s gotten older, we’ve added necklaces bracel...

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Earring Organizer DIY


Today we have a super easy holiday-themed DIY.  All you need are marshmallows, some candy sticks and a few green confections.  There are really no r...

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St Patrick’s Day Treat DIY


We thought it would be fun to make a little Valentine treat for our dog, Pippa.  I wanted the recipe to be simple with things that you might already ...

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Valentine Pup Treats


Getting a hand-written note in the mail is a mood-booster.  Knowing that someone has thought about you and taken the time to write you bring an immed...

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Washi Tape Lunch Box Messages


I have a fun and healthy Halloween food craft for you today!  I know our kids will be loaded up with sugar on the big day, so let’s balance it ...

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Halloween Boo-ritos