Should we talk about how summer is almost over or should we just eat popsicles and be in denial?  I vote for denial.  And popsicles, of course.  Wh...

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Creamy Watermelon Popsicles


As I walk through the world, I try to think about alternative uses for things.  Maybe it was my frugal mother’s upbringing.  Or maybe it’...

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Embellished Tank Top DIY


Ten minute projects are where it’s at, if you ask me.  As a busy mom, I don’t have hours to spend getting into a project.  But, if I can...

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Bottle Art DIY


Pendants and banners are such an easy way to spruce up a space.  There are many materials you can use (fabric, paper, lace, etc) and you can attach t...

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Arrow Pendant DIY